Who Are the Psychopaths?

This is David Arvedon from David Arvedon and The Psychopaths. I am FROM David Arvedon and The Psychopaths because this is where I live, as opposed to Boston, New York, or Tokyo.

For my entire life I have always wanted to be the BEST at something. I discovered at a very early age that I would not be the best student, or the best dancer. I thought I might be the best athlete but soon discovered that I would never play baseball like Ted Williams, and I would never play basketball like Wilt Chamberlain. I thought I might be the most handsome, but then I discovered that Robert Redford had me beat. DAMN THAT! Girls would pass me over to meet Robert Redford! I need to be the best at SOMETHING. So I decided that I would be the CRAZIEST person of all time. This is the goal which I strive so ardently to achieve. Sanity is boring. Being called sane is the biggest insult you can throw at me.

This website is an attempt to gather together mental cases from all over the world. If a giant crow tries to peck your eyes out, you need to jump on the crow's back and bury your face into the back of the crow's head. That way, if the crow turns his head around in order to take a peck at your eyes, it will do him no good because your eyes will be in the back of his head, where his beak can't reach. This has nothing to do with anything I have said earlier, but I don't care.

Several musicians have played with The Psychopaths, and we have several CDs. What is your favorite toothpaste? If a dog had feathers, could it fly? If you continue to explore this website, you will see and hear things that are related to David Arvedon and The Psychopaths.

Here is a little hint for you. There is a thing called a mouse, as opposed to the animal called a mouse. It is attached to your computer. If you use your finger to press it, you can also direct your curser to a point on this screen, and when you press the button-- GOLLLLLLY!!! You get to see the stuff that you pressed. Magic! Something like that. I am not a computer guy.

There is also something called people. Some of them may be out here. With a little work, you will find out who they are, and you will be able to read their words of wisdom. After you come out here a few times, it should all make sense.

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